Baxter the Certified Therapy Dog Dies

The following video of Baxter the Therapy Dog moved me to tears of awe, wonderment, joy and sadness.  Baxter, a San-Diego-area Chow/Lab mix who spent years providing care and comfort to humans at the end of their lives, died October 16th, 2009.  He was nineteen and a half years old.  Baxter was truly an angel who epitomized love, peace and grace.  His owner, Melissa Joseph, was dedicated to him and it is her love and devotion which allowed Baxter’s gentle soul and calming presence to have such a profound effect on people.    

Baxter, a certified therapy dog, was quite the celebrity and had fans world wide.  He appeared on television several times during his volunteer work at San Diego Hospice.  Baxter took the work of cuddling, licking faces, and providing smiles for people in hospice care very seriously.  Even when his own illnesses left him compromised and unable to walk, he was still able to provide his loving service to those in hospice, as Melissa would wheel him around in a wagon and carry him to the beds of patients.  In fact, many said that it was his own ailments that made him such a powerful companion to hospice patients.  Patients seemed to identify with him and perhaps he identified with the patients. 

Baxter, thank you for all that you did to make a difference in our world.  You will be greatly missed.  Rainbow Bridge is shining even brighter now with your sweet and loving spirit.  And Melissa…. thank you, thank you, thank you.  For all you did to allow Baxter to be there for loving support to those who were getting ready to leave this life experience.  Your love and devotion are exemplary.  May Baxter’s love and spirit be with you always and may you find comfort in knowing that you and Baxter did indeed dare2create a life you love and a world you desire to live in. 

For more about Baxter go to: and also be sure to check out the book Moments with Baxter.  

October 28 , 2009 | | In: Animals & Wildlife

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