Choices, Allowing Yourself to Succeed

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Choices, Allowing Yourself to Succeed declares a simple, yet essential message: You do not decide your future. You decide your choices. Your choices decide your future. Readers of Choices, will:
Gain an understanding of the importance of the choices they make everyday.
Learn to take control of their own fate through wide decision making.
Understand that one decision does not define their life.
Create their own vision for a life of fulfillment.
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Choices, Allowing Yourself to Succeed

August 16 , 2011 | | In: Inspiration

The Language of Truth – Motivational Moment

 Dr. Mitzi talks about releasing the constraints you impose on yourself. 

November 12 , 2010 | | In: Inspirational Video Clips, Motivational Moments

The Sheltering Tree of Friendship

Dr. Mitzi discusses the importance of creating supportive relationships.


May 28 , 2010 | | In: Motivational Moments

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