Achieve Anything In Just One Year: Be Inspired Daily to Live Your Dreams and Accomplish Your Goals

Product Description
This is a self improvement, motivational and personal development book that is designed to be read on a daily basis. One page a day for one year. Each page starts with an inspirational quote, followed by a discussion of that day’s topic, and ends with a task or an assignment for the reader to follow. Achieve Anything in Just One Year equips readers with the tools to: Be truly committed. Don’t just go through the motions – act like you’re … More >>

Achieve Anything In Just One Year: Be Inspired Daily to Live Your Dreams and Accomplish Your Goals

July 9 , 2011 | | In: Inspiration

“Achieve Your Goals Now!!”

Product Description
Achieve Your Goals Now!!: The Key to Personal Goal Achievement is a motivational, instructional, and inspiring book that encompasses the key factors to achieving any goal you may set in life. This book reveals in detail some of the most essential elements vital to goal success.

* What goals are and why we need them
* How to destroy your negative associations to goals
* How to defeat procrastination
* Proper planning, documentation, and resear… More >>

“Achieve Your Goals Now!!”

January 5 , 2011 | | In: Inspiration

Believe and Achieve — Motivational Moment

 Dr. Mitzi reminds you of the importance of belief in achieving what you desire.


February 5 , 2010 | | In: Motivational Moments

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