Spontaneous Joy – Motivational Moment

Is your life cluttered up with "dead" wood leaving no time for the things that feed your heart and soul with delight?  Dr. Mitzi uses a creative sculpture by Doyle Svenby and a wonderful quote by Og Mandino to invite you to release those menial tasks and busy work that zap your enthusiasm for life and to instead create time for spontaneous joy!   


February 15 , 2011 | | In: Motivational Moments

Sark’s Micromovements

Dr. Mitzi shares some tips she learned from the writer and wonderful personality, Sark,–  tips that will help you take action towards accomplishing your goals.  

August 6 , 2010 | | In: Motivational Moments

The Magic in Enthusiasm – Motivational Moment

Do you wonder why things are not working out for you the way you would like?  Try a little enthusiasm.

March 26 , 2010 | | In: Motivational Moments

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