Feeling Moody? – Motivational Moment

Ever feel moody?  Ever feel like your mood is another person’s fault?  If only he or she…..?  Be sure to watch this video!  

July 9 , 2010 | | In: Motivational Moments

Love Yourself Just Where You Are – Motivational Moment

Dr. Mitzi reminds us that we, like the wonderful plants of nature, in this case the desert Ocotillo, have times of necessary recharge and to love ourselves just where we are. To see the an Ocotillo in full blooming splendor, scroll below the video. 


April 24 , 2010 | | In: Motivational Moments

Coping with Sadness – Steps of Grief – Motivational Moment

Are you feeling overwhelmed with sadness and/or grief?   You are not alone. Grief occurs because someone or something to which we have formed a bond has been lost or changed.  Grief can occur not only because of the physical death of a person, or beloved animal companion (pet), but also due to the loss of a relationship through divorce or separation, the loss of a  friendship, job, home, health, possessions, country, sense of safety, dream, and a myriad of other losses.      

We respond to grief in a variety of ways. Experts in grief often cite the pioneering work of Swiss born psychiatrist, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, who in 1969 wrote the book On Death and Dying in which she described in detail the 5 Stages of Grief.  This has now become known as the Kubler-Ross Model.  In recent years some have adapted this model to include an additional two stages and have suggested that these "stages" be referred to as "phases" instead of stages.

These stages are:

1. Shock or disbelief
2. Denial
3. Anger
4. Bargaining
5. Guilt
6. Depression
7. Acceptance

Several years ago I was trained by the American Academy of Bereavement to become a Grief Facilitator. During this exceptional training it was instilled upon each of us present that while the Kubler-Ross Model provides an overview of the different  "phases" we might experience when grieving, it is very important to remember that people do not move through the model in an orderly and predictable way.  Grief has no prescribed time limit, and will vary from person to person and be influenced by that individual’s personality, family, culture and spiritual/religious views, and inherent beliefs.

For example, people may not experience all seven phases of grief or they may work through the steps in a different order. Then when they experience another loss, they may respond in a completely different manner than they did before, depending on the support they have available to them and the integration of previous losses that may or may not have occurred. 

If you are grieving or experiencing loss or sadness, you may find that you are able to work through your loss independently.  However, please know that there is help out there:  grief and bereavement counselors and grief support groups. In the United States, local hospice agencies can be an excellent first contact if you are seeking bereavement support.

The important thing is to reach out and get help if you are feeling overwhelmed by feelings of grief, loss, or sadness. You are not alone.  Support is available.  You are loved and you are valuable.


March 1 , 2010 | | In: Motivational Moments

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