Two Perspectives on Thanksgiving

Must watch short movie!  This movie will leave you with a completely different perspective on gratitude.  It was the most popular short film in the 56th Berlin International  Film Festival. Each time I watch this movie I am so deeply moved.  Having spent a year homeless in London, England  myself,  living in a shelter with my grandmother when I was 12,  I well remember going to the outdoor markets such as Church Street Market, Portobello Market, Covent Garden Market,  where the fruit and vegetable vendors would have their stalls. We were so short of money that I would scurry under the stalls to pick up fruit and vegetables that had been discarded by the vendors because of blemishes, bruises or other things that made the food unsellable in the market.  Some of the vendors got to know me and would put their discards in a box and give to me so I didn’t have to scurry under the stall like a Dickensian street urchin.  My grandmother would take the undesirable food and make the most amazing meals with it.  It’s incredible how someone’s discards can be someone else’s treasure.  

This movie takes that concept to a whole other level.    I welcome your comments on what you feel each of us can individually and and collectively do to create a world which works for all of us,  particularly in the areas of eliminating hunger and poverty.  One choice I’ve been embracing for years is enjoying an eco-friendly/compassionate lifestyle which does not include meat, fish, dairy or eating or wearing of animal products.  While this movie shows meat, I’ve chosen to put it here as it’s important and powerful to watch how some members of our earthly family struggle to survive.  

Another must watch!  Beautiful and heartwarming short movie featuring an alternative way to celebrate Thanksgiving and giving a new meaning to turkey feasting. 


November 26 , 2009 | | In: Animals & Wildlife, Health & Nutrition, Inspirational Video Clips

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