The following videos are clips from the Voices of Faith-Arizona Interfaith Movement concert  which took place in the fall of 2009 at the beautiful Orpheum Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona. The first 3 videos feature the New Thought choir, which is a combination of  some of the members from the One Voice of Love choir (of which I am part–you’ll see me jamming out in the 2nd row on left) of Creative Living Fellowship  and the Divine Intuitives choir from Unity of Divine Love. 

The fourth video is a wonderful compilation of the various religious and faith traditions in the greater Phoenix area who took part in  this concert.   For more information about the Arizona Interfaith Movement  visit:

The first  video is introduced by Dr. Paul Eppinger, Executive Director of the Arizona Interfaith Movement.  The song is Live with Joy by Zephryn Conte who is on piano.  The soloists are Cerise Patron, Renee Morgan Brooks, Barb Horton (of the JaJa’s) and Jeanne McLaughlin (of the JaJa’s).

The song in this "Let Freedom Ring"  by Cerise Patron and Mark Broder.


 The song in this video is "Oh How Usual"  by Zephryn Conte.

 This video shows clips from all the different faith groups who participated in the concert.

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