Like millions of others around the world I watched Michael Jackson’s memorial.

What especially moved me was the the performance of  We are the World.  The images of so many different religious and spiritual symbols beautifully incorporated into the stunning visual backdrop was profound.  And the words: "When we stand together as one"  took on a different meaning through the display.  An updated message for different times.  I’m putting this video up as exemplifying what Dare2create is all about.  And as a board member of the Arizona Interfaith Movement, this message also represents something close to my heart.  It’s amazing to me how far we have come since Michael and Lionel Richie wrote this song … and how far we still have to go.  

The other very profound moment for me as I watched  the memorial was when many young children came on stage to join in singing of  Heal the World.  During this CNN cut to images of people across the country who were watching the memorial and joining hands and singing along.  

A lovely moment of unity that I’d love to see us sustain.
Whatever your opinions of Michael Jackson, he truly tapped Into his unfiltered magnificence when he wrote these songs and which seem so timeless.  May we all be inspired to “make the world a better place for you and for me and the entire human race” and may I add all of earth’s inhabitants.
Blessings to you as you dare2 create a life you love and a world you desire to live in  — Mitzi