Happy-Go-Lucky.  Have you seen it ?  It’s a British Film by Mike Leigh. It’s been out on DVD for quite a while.  The main character, Poppy, portrayed by Sally Hawkins, exemplifies the song "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" written by Eric Idle of Monty Python and featured in the film Life of Brian.  Poppy is someone who does not let life get her down.  She always looks for the best in others and in her circumstances.  The film doesn’t really have a huge dramatic plot, rather meandering through Poppy’s day-to-day life, illustrating the way she deals with challenging situations and people.  Situations and people which might have caused some of us to get really cheesed off do not affect her.  She lets things flow off her, like water on a duck’s back.  She is genuinely interested in people and takes time to get to know them. 

While I enjoyed the movie as I was watching it, I have to admit when it was over I wondered what it was all about.  Then as I sat and talked about it with my husband I realized how incredibly brilliant and what a gem Happy-Go-Lucky is.  Poppy’s attitude about life, her ability to let things go and just be there in the moment is admirable.  I’m really glad that I watched the movie first and then looked at the review on IMDB second.  (Always a good tactic in my opinion).  While there are many favorable reviews there are also some on the IMDB who just did not seem to enjoy this movie at all –some found Poppy  "depressingly optimistic and naive".

Yes, Poppy is optimistic and does find the humor and wonder in things.  Is she a totally realistic character?  Probably not.  But what I loved about the movie and about her character was her ability to not get bogged down by people, places and situations.  She takes things in her stride and enjoys life.  

Now I know that life is a serious business and that no one gets out of life alive and that people around the world are suffering.  Right now thousands, upon thousands of people are suffering all over the world in one way or another. Yet I ask myself, even in a situation where there is suffering what would the character of Poppy do?  She would listen,  love and bring a smile to someone’s face.  In the midst of massive suffering and grief, life goes on and Poppy would bring a smile.   

I’ve already recommended this lovely movie to several people and now I am recommending it to all of you. Let me know what you think.