Dr. Mitzi, from the Red Rock Canyon area in Summerlin, Nevada, speaks about  overcoming disappointments.  She discusses how Avatar was beat out by The Hurt Locker at The Oscars  to get best picture and best director.  Kathryn Bigelow made history being the first woman ever, in the 82 year history of the Oscars, to receive an Oscar for Best Director. Only three women have been nominated before her: Lina Wertmuller for Seven Beauties, Jane Campion for The Piano and Sofia Coppola for Lost in Translation. Barbara Streisand who presented the award was clearly delighted saying as she opened the envelope: "Well, the time has come."

The Hurt Locker, one of the smallest budget movies to be nominated for several decades, defeated the enormous budget, highest grossing movie of all time, Avatar.   In all Hurt Locker won a total of six Oscars; picture, director, original screenplay, sound editing, sound mixing and film editing, to Avatar’s three Oscars for cinematography, visual effects and art direction.

Interestingly, Kathryn Bigelow and James Cameron were married to each other from 1989 -1991.  In an interview  with James Cameron before the Oscars on National Public Radio’s (NPR’s) Fresh Air, Terry Gross asked him how he felt about being up against his former wife at the Oscars.  He had only kind words to say, both about her work and talent.  He stated that her accolades were way overdue and that he was always the first to cheer when she had success.  He asserted how he had steadfastly promoted and supported her career and that while they had been married for two years twenty years ago they had been colleages, collaborators and close friends since then, with him producing two of her movies, one after they had divorced.

In another interview before the Oscars James Cameron confided to Charlie Rose, that his fantasy outcome would be for Avatar to win Best Picture and for Best Director to go to Kathryn Bigelow. When Charlie Rose asked him if he truly would be happier with that than if he took both awards himself, Cameron said : "Honestly, yes."