When something as devastating as the earthquake which destroyed Port-au-Prince Haiti occurs we can feel helpless.  We watch with horror as our brothers and sisters of planet earth experience tremendous suffering, pain and loss.  If we are trained as first responders we may find ourselves sent to the region to help, or we may send money to organizations for immediate aid. 

And there is another very powerful thing that we can do together.  We can join together, across own faith traditions, in prayer.  

Please join with us and people worldwide who are currently sending prayers of comfort and healing to all those affected by this devastating earthquake.  Each time you see images on the news, or internet or  hear reports on the radio about the earthquake and the thousands who have been reported dead, stop for a moment. 

Take a deep and cleansing breath. 

Allow your heart to flood with love for all our brothers and sisters on this planet.  Then send your love and prayers to all of our "brothers and sisters" who have been affected.  All those who have lost their lives.  All those who have lost loved ones and friends.  All those those who have loved ones and friends missing.  And to all the rescue workers who are helping those affected. 

Let us join together as one united world to offer our prayers, love and compassion now.

Thank you.


 Wyclef Jean, the Haitian born singer who does so much for his country was on Anderson Cooper and gave some specific ways in which we can assist those in Haiti in addition to our prayers.  The information comes at the end of this video.  You can also visit  http://wyclefjean.wordpress.com/2010/01/13/statement-by-wyclef-jean-on-haiti-earthquake/  for the information and to see Wyclef’s statement.