Powerful aftershocks continue to rock Chile after Saturday’s fierce 8.8 earthquake.  Just as with the recent  devastating earthquake which destroyed Port-au-Prince Haiti, when something like this occurs we can feel helpless.  We watch with horror as our brothers and sisters of planet earth experience tremendous suffering, pain and loss.  Reports keep coming in that while the death toll is expected to rise, it could have been much worse.  Yet,  for those who have beloveds among the casualties, news that the death toll could have been worse brings little comfort to grief.

Let us, just as we did and continue to do for the nation of  Haiti,  join together in prayer for all those affected by this powerful earthquake.  Let us pray for those who have died, those who are still missing and those who are trying to find their loved ones.  Let us join together with people around the world, across the continents, in our own faith traditions, in prayer.  And let us also pray that survivors who are still missing are easily and safely found.  Let us remember also to keep in our prayers all the rescue workers and first responders who are helping to find people. 

Just as with Haiti, when something like this occurs we can feel helpless. But let us not let our feelings stop us from joining together in prayer. Instead let us stop for a moment each time we see images on the news, or internet or  hear reports on the radio about the earthquake.

Let us take a deep and cleansing breath. 

And let us allow our hearts to be flooded with love for all our brothers and sisters on this planet.  Then let us send our love and prayers to all of our "brothers and sisters" who have been affected.

Let us join together, just as we continue to do with Haiti, as one united world to offer our prayers, love and compassion now.

Thank you.