Tonight my heart, along with so many others is saddened by the senseless violence that took place in Tucson, Arizona today. As a former co-director of the AZ Dept of Peace Campaign I had the honor of having lunch with Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords a few years ago. This evening she and all who were affected by this tragedy are in the hearts and prayers of people all over Arizona, across the nation and throughout the world.  There have been many prayer and candlelight vigils throughout the country, especially in AZ and Washington.  I, together with several friends, attended the one at the AZ State Capitol.   

Let us, wherever we are join together in prayer:

Divine Beloved Spirit, God, who is LOVE we accept for Gabrielle healing and recovery. We also accept strength and for her family and guidance for the medical team that is assisting her. For all who were injured in the shooting today we accept wholeness and health. For the loved ones of those who lost their lives today we accept that they are lifted up with comfort and support in their grief and loss. We are grateful that this prayer is heard and answered now and release it knowing that it is so. Amen.