Prayers and blessings of love and comfort to Canadian skater Joannie Rochette. 

Joannie has the support and love of the world that is watching the Olympic ice-skating competition.  An only child, Joannie’s mother and father proudly came to support her at the Vancouver Olympics.  Her mother had a massive heart-attack and died shortly after arriving in Vancouver.  Joannie has bravely soldiered on, skating in the competition despite her grief.  Tracy Wilson, 1988 Olympic bronze medalist in ice-dancing, commentating on the Olympics, said that it seems that Joannie has found solace on the the ice.

She held it together incredibly well while she was skating in the short program.  Her resolve and dedication were unfathomable.  After skating a truly remarkable program she received an overwhelmingly loving standing ovation at which point her tears and emotions flowed freely.  I doubt there was anyone who watched this young woman skate who was not moved. 

At the conclusion of her program, one of the most beloved skaters of all time, Scott Hamilton, praised Joannie’s courage through his own tears.  Wherever you place in the long program, Joannie, (she is in 3rd place after her short program) and finish overall — know that you are indeed loved by the world.  We are grieving with you for the loss of your dear mother and our prayers and love are with you, not only for tonight but for the coming weeks, months and years that follow.