The 7.6 magnitude earthquake on Wednesday, which originated in the sea off Sumatra Island has devastated the city of Padang, Indonesia. It is now estimated that thousands have died as a result of this natural disaster. While we may come from many faith, and spiritual paths, let us join together in sending prayers of healing, comfort and assistance to those who have been affected.  Let us also send prayers of support for all the rescue workers, doctors, hospitals, agencies and organizations who are assisting with rescue efforts. 

Often when something happens so far away from where we live we see images on the news and feel a connection with our "brothers and sisters" of planet earth. We experience deep empathy for those we have not met, recognizing that we are from the same global family.  We may even feel frustrated that there seems to be nothing tangible we can do to help. Yes, we can donate money to relief agencies and that can be of great benefit. And also we can stop, whenever we think of what is going on in that area of the world, and send that entire area and the people affected love and healing. Even in times of crisis we can dare2create the type of world we desire to live in by recognizing that we are all inextricably linked. 

We at dare2create offer this prayer to our brothers and sisters of planet earth who have been affected by the earthquake in Indonesia and the tsunami in SamoaPlease feel free to add  your own prayers and thoughts in the comment section.

Infinite Divine Spirit, God, Universal Presence, Love which is life, we recognize and acknowledge that you are present in us.  We accept for all those affected by the earthquake in Padang and other areas of Indonesia and those also affected by the tsunami in Samoa,  comfort.  We accept for those who have lost beloved ones that they are wrapped in a gentle and comforting embrace of that which brings them ease at this time.  We accept for those who are trapped that they are quickly and easily found and rescued.  We accept for those who are assisting with rescue operations of any sort that they are upheld and sustained by that which brings them support.  We are so grateful that this prayer is answered now.  Thank you God, thank you Spirit.  We now let this go and accept that this is done. And so it is. Amen.