An 81 year old marriage comes to an end …  

Perhaps you have heard that Frank Milford, the husband of Britain’s current longest married couple died this week?  He was 101 years young and had retained his mental faculties and sense of humor. Anita and Frank Milford were married for 81 years.  They met in Plymouth, England at dance in 1926 and married 2 years later.  The couple lived their entire married life in the city they had met, narrowly escaping two bombs in World War II including one which fell on their house.
Anita was holding Frank’s hand as he died.    
According to BBC World News, the couple said the secret of their marriage was “give and take”, making up after rows with a kiss and cuddle, and also to make time for a little romance every day.  In 81 years, I’m thinking there must have been A LOT of give and take!  What an amazing testament of the power of love to overcome trials and tribulations.  Spiritual teachers from many faiths teach us that love is the strongest force in the universe and Anita and Frank’s love illustrated that beautifully.  You just know that  there must have been a trememdous commitment to work things out … to remember that it was love that brought them together, and as the old saying goes, not to "make mountains out of mole hills."
We celebrate Frank and Anita’s enduring love. May you rest in peace, dear Frank, and may the memory of your love be a comfort to Anita and your family.       
— Mitzi