Dear Friends,

Let us join together again in prayer from our various faith traditions to accept safety for everyone affected by the enormous ash cloud that is hanging over Europe. People from all around the world are being affected by this as air travel has come to a complete standstill.  

On Wednesday, smoke and steam rose from the volcano under the Eyjafjallajokull glacier in southern  Iceland. The volcano has been displaying activity and been of growing concern for the past few  weeks.The last time this volcano erupted was in 1821. The disruption caused by that took close to two years to subside. Volcanologists at this point, are unclear how this eruption will unfold. Ideally things will get back to normal  fairly soon.  However this could evolve into several weeks, months or even longer of air-traffic disruption which will have ramifications world-wide.  

The reason for the airports closing and a ban on all flights is not an over-reaction.  Volcanic ash particles can prove disastrous  for planes. Visibility when flying in or near an ash cloud is obviously impaired,  enormous damage can occur to aircraft windshields,  but of most concern is the fact that the ash can cause aircraft engines to shut down and planes to literally fall out of the sky. 

What’s ironic is that much of the UK has been experiencing some unusually sunny weather.  Passengers are confused because they can’t see the enormous ash cloud. They look outside and see blue, sunny skies and wonder if this is a late April Fool’s joke.  But no, this is actually happening.  The clouds aren’t visible because they’re so high up — around 30,000 feet up to be precise — just a few feet below where planes usually travel. 

So at this moment people from around the world are finding their travel plans disrupted because of an act of nature, or an act of God. 

For now, let us join together in affirming safety, peace of mind and acceptance for the what is at this moment.  Oh and patience.  And  trust in the experts who will provide updates as to when it is safe to travel by air again.