Patrick Swayze died today.

In some ways we were expecting it. 

The press had been quiet about him recently.  Yet Patrick certainly made the most of the final time he had here after his diagnosis.  He was valiant in living life to the fullest.  Thank you Patrick for leaving behind a legacy of work.  Thank you for what you have taught us about courage, strength and living each moment and not to take our time here for granted.  

Perhaps like you, right now I am thinking of the movie Ghost.  The very end of the movie to be exact.  One of my all time favorite lines in a movie, in fact perhaps my most favorite line in a movie ever is:  

"It’s amazing, Molly. The love inside, you take it with you."

Sam (Patrick Swayze) says this to his living fiancée (Demi Moore) in an attempt to describe what it’s like to be on the other side, just before moving on.  This is such a powerful and emotion filled moment.  Each time I watch Ghost  I’m flooded with a myriad of emotions as Patrick says this and no matter how hard I try my eyes well up with tears which cascade right through to the end of the credits and beyond.  And I find myself thinking about that line for many days after, just as I am thinking of it now. 

" The love inside you, you take it with you,"   speaks with such sweetness and grace of the hope so many of us share for a life which continues beyond this physical plane, a life which transcends the pain and suffering we so often encounter here, a life in which we are free to just be love without all the other emotions that can sometimes get in the way. 

Perhaps like me this line has brought you great comfort as you’ve said goodbye to loved ones who’ve taken the final journey ahead of you.   It has been something that I’ve frequently referred to when having the honor of counseling those who are grieving the loss of a loved one.   

And so in the spirit of this quote, I affirm that Patrick is now indeed feeling filled with that beautiful love that he had for so many people.  That he is filled with wonder, awe and amazement at that love and that his family, friends and fans may also be comforted, supported and upheld with that love. 

God speed, dear Patrick and may flights of angels meet you as you journey to your next adventure.  

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