One of my friends, Su Humphrey, forwarded this video to me.  I am on a list that Su sends out to many people concerned and involved in animal welfare and care.  People, like myself, who desire to see a world in which all sentient beings can live in harmony.  It’s been heart-wrenching to see the enormous amount of animals who’ve become homeless due to their owners — or as animal-centric folk like to say —  their  "people" having had their homes foreclosed on.  So many people have found themselves in challenging situations where they’ve been unable to care for their beloved animals after they’ve lost their homes. It’s been large dogs who’ve been displaced the most.  Su is a real star in that she saw this crisis coming early on and began sending out emails about animals on the e-list at humane societies, in addition to animals who are in desperate need of assistance for one reason or another.  

When I watched this video about Lazarus I was deeply touched.  Not only by Lazarus himself, but also by the people who had spent time — obviously quite a lot of time (doing videos myself I can really appreciate that) — highlighting this handsome guy.  What an innovative and creative way to let Lazarus’s future "person" know all about him.  Could videos highlighting animals for adoption be the wave of the future?  

As the video on YouTube has 1,308 views to date I thought Lazarus would for sure have found his forever home and person by now. I contacted Last Chance Dog Rescue in Alabama and was amazed to discover that Lazarus is still there — still waiting to be adopted!  

If you would like to adopt Lazarus, or know someone who might, go to:  

To find out more about the amazing Su Humphrey go to: