Heart-warming evidence of the power of cross-species love and care from an amazing animal rescue organization HALO working in conjunction with Animal Control in Phoenix, Arizona.  A tiny 24-hour-old orphaned chihuahua pup named Liam finds a new momma and some feline "siblings". Momma cat shows that her love is large enough to encompass little Liam as she adopts him and treats him just like one of her own, opening both her heart and dining space for the little pup.

Heather Allen, a co-founder of HALO, is delighted and admits that she has not seen anything like this before in her 15 years of animal rescue.  All the animals will be available for adoption in a few weeks.

This story continues to touch people all around the world.  Little Liam has become quite the celebrity as the following clip has been aired on CNN and television stations all over, including on a station in England.

I find it synchronistic that little Liam is so aptly named.  Earlier this year I had the great privilege of being of service in the role of pastoral care to a beloved family whose baby was born with many heart defects. Baby Liam lived for 26 days and the amount of love that he shared while he spent his entire life in the hospital was astounding.  He brought people together and created an amazing bond of love to all who heard his story.  His parents named him Liam for "Love I Am" and have continued his legacy of love in so many ways.  I am sure there will be an upcoming dare2create episode with the family and the incredible work they are doing in the world.  Anyway, my heart was so moved when I heard of the little pup story, and then moved again when I heard that the pup’s name was Liam.  Love I AM continues to astound me and little pup Liam is evidence of the amazing power of love.

Beautiful Liam and your feline family we affirm for all of you lives blessed with love, health and the most wonderful human companions. 

Here’s some information about HALO and a lovely slide show set to the song "Halo" by Beyonce.

Dare2create loves HALO and has a long relationship with them.  One of our cats, Dash, was adopted from them.  Our vets, Companion Pet Clinic,  has helped HALO over the many years they have been in operation.   HALO also has a wonderful Thrift Shop and proceeds go to the organization to help animals in need.

HALO is a No-kill, 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to ending pet overpopulation.

HALO was founded in 1994 by two women, Michel and Heather, out of their home in Phoenix, Arizona. Michel and Heather started HALO because they love animals and couldn’t just stand by and watch millions of cats and dogs being euthanized needlessly.

HALO is helping to end the pet overpopulation epidemic by providing temporary shelter to abandoned cats and dogs until a permanent home can be found.

Each year, HALO places over 2,500 abandoned animals in loving, forever homes.

County and have your pet spayed or neutered. More information on Halo at www.halorescue.org