From Creative Living Fellowship in Phoenix, Arizona, Dr. Mitzi shares how one congregation stepped up to answer the call for animals in need which was on an earlier episode. 

How can you be an ambassador for animals in crisis?  How can  your church, spiritual center, temple, organization or business help? Or how are you already helping? 

Here are a few of friendly reminders:

Spay and neuter all your animals.  Pet overpopulation means more crowded shelters and more innocent animals being euthanized. 

Adopt and encourage your friends to adopt from animal shelters and rescue groups.  There are so many animals in shelters that are on the e-list (euthansia) list who would love to be your forever friend. 

Educate yourself and others about the horrors of puppy and kitten mills. 

Shop for animal supplies at places that support local rescue adoptions.