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Motivational Moment – Hanging In There When Things Get Difficult

Sometimes you just have to stay the course …




July 31 , 2009 | | In: Motivational Moments

Ignoring Comparison – Motivational Moment

Dr. Mitzi speaks about the dangers of comparison

July 16 , 2009 | | In: Motivational Moments

Interview with Josh Tickell, creator of the brilliant alternative energy film, FUEL

Dr. Mitzi Lynton interviews Josh Tickell, director, writer, and star of the movie, FUEL. .  Josh is a big advocate of biodiesel and has even written a book about it: Biodiesel America: How to Achieve Energy Security, Free America from Middle-east Oil Dependence And Make Money Growing Fuel


July 11 , 2009 | | In: Environment & Alternative Energy

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